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Chris Travis - We up (feat. Bones)

[Verse 1: Chris Travis]
We need to talk, lining them up
And I'm taking them out
Give me a second to jump out my cloud
I turn em' out like a bitch with no spouse
All of my niggas that came wit' me are wild
Out of the jungle we come through and prowl
Bitch I'm Chris Travis but look at me now
I look ahead and you seem to be down
I'm on the west but the south is my bound
Come through I'm smoking it up with my rounds
I like to get it through meeting around
I see you niggas but no where right now
I need to tell ya them band and free rolls
Bitches they give it up like free soap
No i do not have no time for free loads
I give it up to the one-o-zero, bitch
[Verse 2: Bones]
They wanna be us it's okay, it's okay
We pave the road and we made a new way
Can't hear a thing now bitch what did you say?
Say that you fucked with us back in the day
That's funny cause I don't remember ya
Spreading the words like we friends with ya
I’ll end that rumour and bury you
We be nefarious when in the area
If i was you I would speak much more carefully
Know you ain't us so how could I be scared of ya?
You are the damage and we are the damagers, just no comparing usYou might also like

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