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Chris Travis - sci fi

CT: verse 1)
I ain't never gotta tell a nigga shit bitch
Spit sick shit, nigga make you get sick quick
Better run like sprint when i'm close to ya shit
Purple rain like prince when the thang get lit
Young Chris be the pimp that will Bang anything
In my motherfucking way, better get another plate
Better go where it safe, but there ain't no where
So you dead anyway, fuck nigga fly away
Pull up to ya spot, Debo hot, need two ounces
Just to sling the next part
Saying that you with or your not, saying you move your stock
Pussy boy stop, pull up to you spot Nigga fuck, what you got
Imma be on unsocial, till my heart beat drop
Iont really give a fuck if we cool or not
Young nigga put em up if you feel to this song
I'm the motherfucking nigga that pay the cost to be the boss
I become a young man when i punch a lion
Now nigga got bills so i ain't got time
If your fucking with my money i wanna it due time
Imma kill the whole damn game in due time
Watch a nigga flip the whole game where you laying bout
Po' off the world, like I put this shit on standby
Lights off on the block, its about to be a drive-by

(Chorus/Hook, CT X2)

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