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Chris Stapleton - When the Stars Come Out

[Verse 1]
I was lookin' for a change of scene
You were lookin' at a magazine
It was red carpets and limousines
And the grass seemed so much greener
All we wanted was to get there fast
So we packed up everything we had
Runnin' on hope and a tank of gas
Like dreams ain't just for dreamers

We couldn't wait to leave that life behind
And try to find salvation in that city limit sign

And one of those L.A. nights
When the stars come out
Oh, the stars come out
And shine
And they burn so bright
They drown the downtown lights
When the stars come out
Oh, when the stars come out

[Verse 2]
Everybody's somebody, someday
Everybody's got a part to play
Everybody's tryin' to find a way
To say what needs sayin'
Everybody's got a friend of a friend
Somebody that can get you in
Beggin' angels for a sin
In a game that we're all playin'

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