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Chris Brown - Till I Die (feat. Big Sean and Wiz Khalifa)

[Intro: Chris Brown]

[Verse 1: Chris Brown]
This Virginia
Straight from the country, right there with my kinfolk
Golds in my mouth and they put 26's on Benzos
Dirt roads, back woods, they got weed but I've been dope
Ratchet, nigga, we act hood
But I'm gettin' money with these white folk
Sippin' and I'm faded, s-s-s-super medicated
Said she wanna check the pole, I said, "Okay, Sarah Palin"
Yeah, yeah-yeah-y-y-y-yeah, so I lay down and lay in
A nigga gon' be faded, all the way to the AM, yeah

[Interlude: Big Sean]
Boi, damn, whoa, shit

[Chorus: Big Sean & Chris Brown]
Okay, more drink, po' it up (Boi)
More weed, roll it up (Boi)
Whoa there, ho, you know wassup (You know wassup, I'm high)
Quit hoggin' the blunt, bitch, slow down
Pimps up, hoes down
Ass up, nose down
Damn, bitch, I do it (I'm high, do it, do it)
And this the life we chose
Workin' all night, swear I'm never goin' broke (I'm high)
Broke, and I'ma do this 'til I die (Die)
And I ain't talkin' shit just 'cause I'm, just 'cause I'm (What? I'm high)

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