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Chloe x Halle - Wonder What She Thinks of Me

[Verse 1]
I wonder what she thinks of me
When you're coming home
I know that she smells my perfume under your cologne
I wonder what she thinks of me
When you stay awake
After you make love to her, but I'm still on your brain

I'm not the jealous type, not like the other guys
I wish you all the best, I'll help you pick her dress
And you can both go to Paris, you're livin' the lavish
I'm actually happy for you

So tell me, tell me, baby
I know this is crazy
You've done this before, so
Who are you to judge me? Me?
It's never wrong when you're in love

[Verse 2]
I wonder what she thinks of me
When she sees that mark on your neck
Oh, no, I didn't mean to go that far
I wonder what she thinks of me
When she sees my name on your phone screen
You drop everything just for me

"I was really inspired for this song because of a story that was kind of happening in my life. I mean, the themes of “Don’t Make It Harder on Me” and this song as well are kind of hand in hand. There was this amazing guy who’s so sweet, and it just talks about this bond that you have with somebody and how this person came out of nowhere. And then all of a sudden, you kind of find yourself wanting that person, but they’re in a situation and you’re in a situation, and you don’t want to seem like you’re trying to take this girl’s man. We spun it into this story of being the other woman—even though, just so you know, Chloe and I were never that. So we pushed that story so far, and it was really fun and exciting to talk about, because I don’t think we had ever experienced or heard another song that was talking about the perspective of the other woman—the woman who is on the side or the girl who wishes so badly that she could be with him and is always there for him. So we flipped it into this drama-filled song, which we really feel like it’s so exciting and so adventurous. The melodies and the lyrics and the beautiful production my sister did, it just really turned out amazing." - Halle Bailey via Apple Music

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