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Chloe x Halle - Overwhelmed

Holdin' my breath 'til my face turns blue
Head under water
Breathe deeply, they said
I need a weekend again
Looking for bright sides
Low on the high types
Runnin' so fast, I done worn my shoes
Head on the pavement, I'm just tryin' to win
Pushed in the river, I swim
Nothing can blindside (Side, side, side, side)
Me like the high tide
I don't do well under pressure
I don't know it all
I wish I had all the answers
Fix it all myself (Oh)
I feel overwhelmed

Halle and I really wanted to have interludes on this album, and we were kind of going through all of the projects and files that were on my hard drive listening on our speakers in our studio. This came up and we were like, wow. The lyrics really resonated with us, and we forgot we even wrote it. We went and reopened the project and laid down so many more harmonies on top of it. We just wanted it to kind of feel like that breath in the album, because there’s so many times when you feel overwhelmed and sometimes you’re even scared to admit it because you don’t want to come off as weak or seeming like you can’t do something, but we’re all human. There have been so many times when Halle and I feel overwhelmed, and I’ll play this song and feel so much better. It’s okay to just lay in that and not feel pressured to know what’s next and just kind of accept, and once you accept it, then you could start moving forward and planning ahead. But we all have those moments where we kind of just need to admit it and just live in it. - Chlöe via Apple Music

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