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Chloe x Halle - Lonely

I know sometimes, you feel alone
I know some nights, you wait by your phone
I know you wish you had somebody to hold
It don't have to be lonely being alone

[Verse 1]
Who are you when no one's watchin'?
You close the door to your apartment
Are you afraid of the silence?
Are you afraid of what you'll find in it?
Three in the morning, stayed up
Feels like the world won't wait up
All in your mind, it's made up

I know sometimes, you feel alone
I know some nights, you wait by your phone
I know you wish you had somebody to hold
It don't have to be lonely being alone

[Verse 2]
I remember, just the other day
Brought all my problems, had myself to blame
There my friends go, there my love go
I'm just sittin' here, yeah, feelin' solo (Woah)
It's not like money gonna save me (Oh-oh, oh)
Or poppin' bottles on the daily (Oh-oh, oh)
I had to learn to love me lately (Lately)

This song is so very important to us. We did this with Scott Storch, and it ended up just kind of writing itself. I think one friend that we had in particular was kind of going through something in their life, and sometimes, a lot of the situations that we’re around we take inspiration from to write about. We were also feeling just stuck in a way, and we wanted to write something that would uplift whoever it was out there who felt the same way we did, whether it was just being lonely and knowing that it’s okay to be alone. And when you are alone, owning how beautiful you are and knowing that it’s okay to be by yourself. We kind of just wrote the story that way, thinking about us alone in our apartment and what we do, what we think when we’re in our room, and what they think when they go home. I mean, what is everybody thinking about in all of this? When people are waiting by the phone, waiting for somebody to call them, and the call never comes—you don’t have to let that discourage you. At the end of the day, you are a beautiful soul inside and out, and as long as you’re okay with loving yourself wholeheartedly, then you can be whoever you want to be, and you can thrive. - Halle Bailey via Apple Music

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