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Childish Gambino - Poke

[Verse 1: Childish Gambino]
I just wanna roll with a cutie one
I ain't tryna catch no feels
We can get along sometimes
We ain't gotta be sincere
You ain't gotta laugh so small
Breathing all down my back
They ain't never had what we had
They ain't never felt like that
Cause them summer days
Never fade away
They just stay the same
In my mind, my mind
And them summer days
Never fade away
They just stay the same
In my mind, no

[Hook: Childish Gambino]
It's those summer days
Never fade away
It just stays the same
In my mind, no
It's those summer days
Never fade away
Never fear the change
In my mind, no

[Verse 2: Stevie G. Lover iii]
Ok, Royalty is red hot
Shots from a redbone
Talking bout her skin tone her color beats headphones
Baby I'm just living right, and you can say I'm dead wrong
But can you disagree with that, versace on me yeah
Gold on the V-neck I'm passing every G check
Didn't fuck her for a month and never had a regret
It was just nice to have you chilling up in Key West
And we was just chill, I didn't really need s**
But really is we fucking yo
Never serious so I make everything a fucking joke
She be pushing buttons and she push it till that button broke
Then we smoke a blunt and all the drama it go up in smoke
See she just graduated got a new job
Took that nose ring out her nose and went and bought a new Saab
Got that boyfriend that she living with and don't smoke no more
But yo it's cool I liked her when I knew her back before like

[Hook: Childish Gambino]
This song subtly highlights one of Steve G’s mixtapes S. O. S, (Summer of Steve). Although the song title says otherwise, this makes sense considering Steve is featured on the song.

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