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Charli XCX - Gone

[Verse 1: Charli XCX]
I have to go, I'm so sorry, but it feels so cold in here
I am just now realizing they don't care
I try real hard, but I'm caught up by my insecurities
Pour me one more, watch the ice melt in my fist

[Pre-Chorus: Charli XCX]
I feel so unstable, fucking hate these people
How they making me feel lately
They making me weird, baby, lately
I feel so unstable, fucking hate these people
How they making me loathe
They making me loathe, yeah

[Chorus: Charli XCX & Christine and the Queens]
Why do we keep when the water runs?
Why do we love if we're so mistaken?
Why do we leave when the chase is done?
Don't search me in here, I'm already gone, baby
Why do we keep when the water runs?
Why do we love?

[Verse 2: Christine and the Queens]
I would lay down (Lay down)
But they staring, their eyes like two shining stones
I see myself (Myself), and I look scared and confused
Wait, did they just talk? Why is it too loud? (Is it loud?)
Do they wish to run through me? (Me)
Am I a smoke? Am I the sun? And who decides? (Oh)

“Gone” is the second single from Charli XCX's third studio album "Charli". Released on July 17, 2019, the song is a collaboration with French singer Christine and the Queens. Charli XCX premiered this song with Christine during her set at Primavera Sound on May 30th, 2019. In a post on Instagram, Charli explained the meaning of the song: "This song is about those situations where you are surrounded by loads of people but feel so isolated and alone. I feel like that a lot of the time in social situations. I never know what to do with myself, I feel so insecure and out of place and lost. I feel like a lot of people I know get those feelings. When it comes to me, I’ll either party through it and try to escape my feelings or I will totally cave in. The emotions that come alongside anxiety are so huge and crippling. This song is about breaking down but it’s also about breaking free. It feels like one big external scream. Both this song and video are a huge release of energy for me. When I hear it and when I dance to it I feel truly euphoric and alive, like I’m pushing out all the bad feelings from my brain. Its like I’m channeling all my anger and frustration (and sometimes sadness) into dancing it all away." Speaking to Apple Music, she also said: "This is the bop. The song of the summer, if I don’t say so myself. Me, Christine, dancing on a car, rain: What more do you want? We literally gave you everything."

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