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Chance the Rapper - A Bar About a Bar

[Intro: VIC MENSA & Chance the Rapper]
That's ten minutes
What you got?

[Verse: Chance the Rapper]
I got a bar about a bar
It's not a joke, it's just a bar
A nigga walks into a bar
Took his seat, he liked his liquor hard, his women easy
Legend has it, he was callous like fingers that pick guitars
He was just a hick that parked his pickup truck 'cause it was dark to take a piss
The road was long, the line was long as shit
He thought about it, held it in and sipped his straw
Ashed out his cigar and walked out into his car
Forget that nigga, there was a line inside the bar
And the line was so long it wrapped behind the bar
And exposed moonshine and wine inside the jar
And it kеpt goin' to the alley and the trash bеhind the bar
To the same nigga, he was takin' a piss behind his car
The nigga in the front seen that this shit was out of order
The nigga in the back seen that the meter's out of quarters
The patrons in the middle wished this line was way shorter
I would tell you their names, but they names is unimportant
[Outro: Chance the Rapper]
There's what I got so farYou might also like

Chance the Rapper shares a short tale in “A Bar About a Bar.” The accompanying new self-directed video features fellow Chicago rapper Vic Mensa and Chicago-based painter Nikko Washington. Washington created the single’s artwork, which is on display this week through Sunday at the Art Institute of Chicago. According to a release, the artwork was inspired by “Abar, the First Black Superman’s unorthodox, Afro-futuristic, and surrealist depiction of racial inequality, racial integration, and classism in the suburbs of white America.” The video’s concept has a similar “interdisciplinary art piece” approach Chance employed for “Child of God” featuring Moses Sumney. The song included the work of Gabonese visual artist Naïla Opiangah.

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