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Casey - Little Bird

Lay awake or sleep for days, you wouldn't notice either way
Couldn't help you with your pain, but always hoped that you were safe

It took hours of silent phonecalls for me to finally realise
That just because you act with the best of intentions
It doesn't necessarily mean that you can't be wrong

I thought my heart could be our home, but all you thought of was the cage
Praying for the sun, beneath my ribs you sat in shade
You were my little bird, and I saw fit to clip your wings
And then resented you, because for me you never chose to sing
So there was silence in the house
The hallways echoed with a growing doubt
That we would never make it out of this Hell that we've created

I guess that's why I never felt like home
Because we'd lay together, but were still alone
Desperate for the warmth of someone's comfort, but not our own
We were always vacant, nothing more
We spoke until our throats were sore
Our hearts lay on the bedroom floor, and one was mine
But both were yours

I'm sorry I could never find the words to say
I had chewed them all into my tongue
Your negligence has left me frail
I never asked to fall in love so young

I know I promised not to call again, but I've still got so much to say
I hope to God that you are sleeping well
I hope someday you will ache, the way I acheYou might also like

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