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Casey Veggies - The Team

[Verse 1]
If you love her you should tell her
If you got it then sell it
Now we're poppin' it also we rockin' and I get shot and I nail it
I'm guapin' and growin' and doin' my thing got moments in tears
Got a bad mixed chick
Got a bad mixed chick, and I think we're getting married
I wanna name my son Mat... A million
She like Casey don't be worried bout it
These rappers is your children
I prepped up for the contract
Then I signed and sealed it
I put her on the team and I got it on lock
Turn my back and I won't even watch
Check him, check him get his respect up
Yeah they be hatin' and I hope God bless 'em
I'm just debating on sippin' this thing what
Dollars we making and chickens we're banging
Grinding hard and I'm staying up late
Grinding hard and I'm staying up late
You know we got the new clothing line
I can show you the catalog
Now just be ballin’ but I used to play basketball
Coach ain’t put me in the game so I had to make a way
If you see it with the fade away in LA and the temperature 88
I'm getting paid today
Fuck stress let's have sex swerve
I'mma give it to you straight swag
Give it to a girl and then and then I break fast
She ain't ever had a winner that make cash
And it's something that I happen to be just that
I ain't no hollaback
Nigga lookin' for some acknowledgements
Like the chick that go to college man
Mess with me might get a scholarship
Hopped in my new car, spending all my old dough
My girl a movie star, she just play her role though
Came off the block, coming out on top
I put er on the team and I got it on lock
Turn my back and I won’t even watch

[Verse 2]
CV in the snow
Droppin it on slopes
Yeah they say I'm a lot of shit
But hell nah I ain't broke
Niggas losin' hope
Shouldn't even try it
She say she fuckin' with Veggie so I guess she on a diet
Yeah we poppin' that moet
Yeah my nigga G4
Getting it to you, you slow
Eating good, we bloat
Jamaican food in the shard
Ox tails go hard
Baby girl be flexin'
But I can tell she on it


Oh man
You already know what it is
Tell it like it is
It's 20-13 and we put you on the team
You know what I'm saying?
You can get in the starting lineup and all that
Yeah, Lets get this "W"

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