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Casey Veggies - Loved Then Alone

[Verse 1]
Retro Jordans, let's go scorin'
Triple doubles on niggas like with Jordan
I'm just living life, tryna find what's important
Cause I ain't trying to grow up, can't even pay the mortgage
All I spit real, I should get rewarded
My dad told me if it ain't legit, don't record it
Yeah, yeah, Aretha Franklin bumpin'
We just want respect, if y'all don't give us nothin'
DJ Khaled, we the best in the function
So them girls start running when we come in
Yeah, this the best out, hand your little checks out
We trying to get paid, whether niggas bank checks bounce
When I was young, I used to smile never stressed out
But when it come to handshakes now, I'm giving them less out
Fake niggas, fans taking pictures
We just want to blow, so our ex girls can miss us

Ohhhhh, I know things gon' change
But you gotta know
That it will forever stay the same
I ain't got time, time
I'm in my zone
Loved then alone
[Verse 2]
I'm like a Bruin when I spit it
U C L A, born and raised in it
They don't play, and homie I must say
That I am so thankful, that I ain't get pulled down that route like an ankle
All the youngin's should thank us
We making moves, I'll leave them haters in anger
Tryna do us like Jenga
Pull the block out, and hope our shit fall off
But I be on my boss shit, guess I get paid all costs
I'm a star I hope you see that
Just show me where the beat at
You sleeping on tha kid, you an insomniac
I never ever ever had a Range or an E-Class
But the kid now shining like a pimp on rehab
He can't stop it, I'm an identified object
That you've never seen before
That's why I got the meanest flow
If you looked, I could show you things you've never seen before
Thank the lord, every time as I let the demons go


When I look back
On all the shit I've been through, it's crazy
But look what it made me, today
They can try to slow me down, or get all in my way
But I ride through beats like home town streets and I am here to stay
[Verse 3]
Have you ever been confused?
Don't know what to do?
Girl keep tripping, is it her, is it you?
I made a little money, spent it all on some shoes
So when I step in the room, I don't got nothing to prove
I'm loved but alone, I stay up in my zone
I swear it keep ringing, but I don't answer my phone
I used to give my all, just so you can shine
But now I'm doing me, and I ain't really got time



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