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Casey Veggies - Hear Me Screamin'


(Casey Veggies)
This is the story of a young man
Who dreams to understand
The whole world in his hands

(Verse 1)
Workin' hard tryin' to make it to the top rhymin'
Refrigerator empty had to eat the Top Ramen
I'm in L.A. where kids rock Diamond
That's to the homie Nick, what you do is damn sick
I be on my shit them dudes need to read the pamphlet
Tryin' to get a world, more than some little dances
We be in the wood nigga, you wouldn't even go there
Was a party by the forum, I went and did a show there
I ain't tryin' to act like its nothin' to make it
Ask the girls in my city, bet they mess with us baby
I just spit it from my heart, you ain't nothin' you fake it
Yeah I said it, you dread it like your mother's Jamaican
It's Young Veggies man, swear I made a couple of payments
To be the boss, hope the haters just love what I'm sayin'
To my city, that I know'll be happy I made it
And the rap fans that ain't to sure about Casey ya hear me screamin'

(Chorus 1)
I you love me than let me see it
Stop frontin' on me behind my back, and keepin' secrets
Hear me screamin', it was dark but now I'm beamin'
And I put it all in on my grind now you believe it
Hear me screamin', my vision was so scenic
And I added dedication and time, now you see me
Hear me screamin, you don't even know what you do to me, truthfully

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