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Casey Veggies - Everything Wavy

Pulled up stuntin' man, everything wavy
Whip half a hunnid, jeans cost $580
I can tell she want it, cause she actin' so complacent
You can say I'm wrong, well I guess the boy crazy

[Verse 1]
Runnin', runnin', runnin', man that's all a nigga sayin'
Hunnids, hunnids, hunnids, man that's all I'm really paid in
Lifestyle flows, yeah that's all I'm really sprayin'
She called me on the weekend and we head straight to the deep end
We been, ballin' so hard from the mornin' to the evenin'
And I make her do the cleanin', then I make that girl sleep in
Turn me up, one time. I ain't got no punchlines
Lil mama so fine, so I had to give her that punchline
Like wait, hol' up. All I do is show up
She sweet like some fruit roll ups, so all I do is go up
Like wait, hol' up. They let the boy get his dough up
My girl watched me grow up, right before her eyes I blow up
They came thru makin' that noise, like that boy went in for sure
Gettin' money on tour, I might bring back velour
Suicide my doors. I'm flyin' out, you tryin' out
Got diamonds and designer, but come find out what my mind 'bout
Pulled up stuntin' man, everything wavy
Whip half a hunnid, jeans cost $580
Girls in the crowd, and they all screamin' "Casey!"
You know you my baby, you knew I would make it

[Verse 2]
It amazes, like where the days went
In amazment. I'm chasin', stupid commas
It ain't no stoppin' us. Period
She so furious, cause I dropped her
I'm in this ho, get some mo' though
Mo' niggas is watchin, I got this
You get knocked off, wit' the lights out
And the top off. On the block wit' Rottweilers
That boy so cold, but I'm not soft
I'm poppin' now, she used to play me off so I knocked her down
All the way to the ground, and after that she ain't make a sound
Like wait, hol' up. Tell somebody to roll up
I from killer Cali where, all we do is grow up
Like wait, hol' up. Baby girl come over
All we do is get older, so let's get it in for it's over
When I swerve up, she get piped down
I get paid off of my lifestyle
All the real niggas say, "Ayee!", all the bad girls say, "Oww!"
Everyday is payday, and every night I get wiped down
Everything been crazy and I pulled up and it's wavy
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