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Casey Veggies - Can I Live feat. Mac Miller

[Intro: Casey Veggies]
Yeah, yeah

[Verse 1: Casey Veggies]
The kid ridin' no insurance like whatever though
Say you got a bad chick, mines looks better though
Got her on lock, but I swear we ain't together though
She's just gonna ride with a nigga 'til I let her go
Rappin' what I'm livin', man, the shit I spit is medical
Soothin' to the mind like Cali green, that's medical
Young boy flyer than that time I ate a edible
Keep goin' up like a kite when you let it go
I be on some new shit, new chick from Mexico
Tryin' to have kids, I told her I wasn't ready though
Yeah, they ain't know me like shawty know
Me, Anwar and Joshton, they ain't no better than Shawty Lo
You niggas be playin' so I had to hit the audible
Touchdown pass, sold crack, goin' Roddy though
Rockin' that shit, got me lookin' like a pot of gold
Hit the jackpot, now we poppin', it's the party ho

[Chorus: Casey Veggies]
I just want it all, so I can have enough to give
No more worryin' at all, baby, I just wanna live
We can go to the mall, then we back to the crib
Then you can tell your friends that you relaxed with the kid
(Lay back, get it big, can I live?)

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