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Casey Veggies - And Ever

[Verse 1: Casey Veggies]
You old niggas should pay homage
I put on and I stay honest
And I do this shit with great honor
Honestly I thought the people just should wait on it
But Here it goes now so tell me what's your take on it
I've been thinking bout a lot of ways to make money
I'm 17, It's why I'm trynna be great, homey
You heard my old shit, Man that was '06
My Track record stretched out like aerobics
I do it big like one man with four chicks
At the same time, Still on the same grind
Make my mama proud, hope it all remains fine
It's Young Veggies, (I) know you heard it through the grapevine
Kid rappin bout his girl, hope she stay down
I do my thing man this life is like a playground
On the swing and I hop off on the way down
I dare a hater nigga have somethin to say now
Trynna shine, get on my grind for the first down
And If I get tackled I hope I don't get hurt now
Started rappin, A lotta ho's trynna flirt now
But she ain't good for nothin but pullin her skirt down
I gave her ass a job, I call these girls work now
My brother's in college, I hope it all work out
But I'm a star it's to late to try to work now
I got a voice, might as well take em to church now
In this world, It's all about what you're worth, now
So I rock my aviator clothes, that's some shit you'll never know
Cause it's high up in the sky, That's the place you'll never go
I used to sit up in my room, now I can go and rock a show
We ain't got nothin to prove, but everything to lose
Cause Niggas walk around the hood, like Ebenezer Scrooge
I always got my morals, but I'll forever think I'm cool
And niggas hatin on me now, cause they got nothing else to do
I can see it in my mind, I'm trynna see if it is true
And I swear if it is, Then Mama you have been proved
That I did it all for you, because you always held me down
If you ain't feelin how I talk it, then respect how It sound
Visions of me and my niggas writin checks at a lounge
Every time the kid do it, know it's bout to go down
I put it all in my music, what Can a nigga tell me now?
[Verse 2: Casey Veggies]
Just know I did it all for yall
Grinded summer to the fall
I will answer with pride whenever I receive a call
But when I call yall and tell yall that it's time to ball
Want you to stop what you're doing, head straight to the mall
Want you to shop till you chained up, can't even walk
We're all slaves to this life but it's all we were taught

[Outro (Talking): Casey Veggies]
We're all slaves to this life but it's all we were taught
Yeah, Yeah
We're all slaves to this life but it's all we were taught, haha
At the end of the day, no matter how you put it, life is but a dream
Dream as big as you can
Sometimes you may lose focus on what's important in the perfect world
But always know that there's light at the end of the tunnel
Never let them see you sweat Never let em tell you "You Can't"
Never doubt, never lose a purpose, never lose a grind
Peace and much love to youYou might also like

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