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Carpathian - Insomnia

"I took a walk through this city tonight
Retracing steps etched in my mind,
Of the darkest days that we survived
The troubled youth of suburban life
And at the heart of that beach town
I swore to you our innocence
All you saw was difference, afraid of change, afraid of ambition
Time wont wait for me
I wont live life, lost and confused
I'll find direction with or without you
Now bunked up on these hardwood floors
I'm past tired and sleep eludes me
The punk rock show still sweats from our pores
Our minds are racing and our bones are still shaking
And we all can't sleep tonight knowing tomorrow we'll do it again
On the road in the am, the rising sun fills the walls of the van
All the letters never sent
Because all my time was spent
On stories you'll never know
Written out of my mind
Guided by white lines on these endless roads
We have nothing in common with anyone"

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