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Car Seat Headrest - Fill In The Blank

(What's up, guys?
You are now listening to uh, Car Seat Headrest)

[Verse 1]
I’m so sick of (fill in the blank)
Accomplish more, accomplish nothing
If I were split in two I would just take my fists
So I could beat up the rest of me

You have no right to be depressed
You haven’t tried hard enough to like it
Haven’t seen enough of this world yet
But it hurts, it hurts, it hurts, it hurts
Well stop your whining, try again
No one wants to cause you pain
They’re just trying to let some air in
But you hold your breath, you hold your breath, you hold it
Hold my breath, I hold my breath, I hold it

[Verse 2]
I’ve known for a long time
I’m not getting what I want out of people
It took me a long time
To figure out I don’t know what I want
You’ll ask "why?" and there will be no answer
Then you’ll ask "for how long?" and there will be no answer
Then you’ll ask "what can I do?" and there’ll be no answer
And eventually you will shut up

“Fill in the Blank” is the opening track to Car Seat Headrest’s 2016 album "Teens of Denial". The song introduces several of the key themes on the album, mainly the antagonistic, self-loathing relationship someone struggling with depression can develop, and the complicated relationships they can have with others as a result.

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