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Capital STEEZ - Apex

[Produced by Kirk Knight]

We some motherfuckin apex predators
Witness the genesis
Out for dead presidents, VPs and delegates
Ain't smoking on the delicate
Weighin out the heavy shit
You could get high off the smell of it
It’s like dope in your nostrils
AK for your brain made them open they chakras
Apollo’s apostles, stroke of Picasso
Bonita Applebum trying go to mi casa
She told me that she not bilingual
But got two tongues if that’s what you're into
I got inside her mental, chicks that I been through, it's simple
Now I’m tryna figure how to bend spoons
The prodigy of an alchemist
It’s Indigos in rotation bringing amethyst
Must be out your cranium to even try and aim at this
I can't be a Satanist, I don’t know who Satan is
Defy your own limits
They thought that I would die but I survived off spinach
Macho man, Popeye did it
And I know you lookin down so, Pop I did it
The key to my lyric is my physic
Astrophysical, I can tap into your spirit
Of course I’m talkin to you
And of course I’m targetin' you
Little sumchin
You see me man?You might also like

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