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Camila Cabello - Liar

[Verse 1]
I don't care if you're here
Or if you're not alone
I don't care, it's been too long
It's kinda like we didn't happen
The way that your lips move
The way you whisper slow
I don't care, it's good as gone (Ah)

I said I won't lose control, I don't want it (Ooh)
I said I won't get too close, but I can't stop it (Ooh)

Oh no, there you go, making me a liar
Got me begging you for more
Oh no, there I go, startin' up a fire
Oh no, no
Oh no, there you go, you're making me a liar
I kinda like it though
Oh no, there I go, startin' up a fire
Oh no, no (Ooh)

[Verse 2]
You're watching, I feel it (Hey)
I know I shouldn't stay (Yeah, yeah)
I picture your hands on me (I think I wanna let it happen)
But what if you kiss me? (Yeah)
And what if I like it?
And no one sees it

"Liar" is a song by Cuban-American singer Camila Cabello, from her second studio album "Romance". A music video for the song was released on September 12. This isn’t the first time Camila has given fans two tracks concurrently, with chart-topper “Havana” accompanying “OMG” as 2017 “Summer Double Features.” Camila summarised the track in Spotify’s “The Romance Experience”: "It’s like the person you don’t wanna like. ‘Cause you know that he would just mess me up, and my stomach would be in knots. It just got to the point where it was funny because every time I’d be like, 'I don’t like him’ […] I knew I was just lying to myself." Musically, "Liar" is a pop song, which contains an "island", reggae, and pan-Caribbean and Spanish mélange influences. The jazz-tinged song – which samples Ace Of Base’s 90s hit “All That She Wants”“ and Lionel Richie’s 1983 song “All Night Long (All Night)”–finds Camila losing control as she falls in love, despite denying her feelings. "Liar" opens with a combination of trumpets, dance-based bass drums, and mariachi-inspired horns. Elements of Latin trap and flamenco are accompanied by electronic handclaps, which leads to the ska-pop chorus. It rapidly cycles through styles of "salsa, reggaetón, flamenco, ska, [and] ballad

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