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CHVRCHES - Strong Hand

[Verse 1]
Why don't you tell me what do you need?
There is a blank page for you
Give me the bones of what you believe
Maybe they'll save you from me

[Verse 2]
Will I be the strong hand keeping you safe
Or will I break you in half?
And you will never be under my thumb
But you are not your own man

See the way we all run
When we know it all off by heart
Play it down, wait it all out
Will we win or lose it, this time?

When the pressure's building for a great white hope
Do you give up the things that you love?
And the pressure's building 'til it takes you whole
Can you go back on your own word?

[Verse 3]
All of your brothers, they never died
For what you kill, for slowly
How it will grind you into the ground
If you should try to hold me

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