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Brighten - I Lost Her

There's a hole in my heart
Which you used to get your air
It won't beat again for at least another year
You cut it out yourself, so you won't suffocate in there
Your patience is losing to your fear
I lost her
When collecting angels come
I will rush to find your prayers
They're buried in the closet under the stairs
Under boxes of my dreams
And the clutter of my fears
My selfishness is probably why they're here
And I kept digging my own grave
I'm close to 30 miles deep
I can taste the other side and it isn't pretty
And I left my lover in a bottle
And I threw it out to sea
As soon as she left my fingertips I prayed she come back to me
Come back to me baby
I lost her
I lost her
I lost her
I lost her
I lost her
I lost her
I lost her
I will never stitch the hole you cut
In hopes that you will return to me
I will work to be a man yes you will see
Yes I will work to be your man yes you will see

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