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Brent Faiyaz - VILLAIN'S THEME

[Intro: Brent Faiyaz & Jorja Smith]
Temporary euphoria, or a release
Hm, yeah, especially if you constantly gotta work
And do things that you might not wanna do (Mhm)
That's like temporary happiness real quick, it's an escape
And I make music about that because I feel it gets to a point
Where you live so much of your life in that state because you work so damn much (Ah)
It's been years and I been doin' the same shit
(Motherfuckers like to use that word, "Toxic")
(But that's the Internet word that people like to attach to shit)
I don't think that's an Internet word
I think that's a real word that really mеans something
Temporary euphoria (Mothеrfuckers like this the new shit though)
(Motherfuckers like, "You never heard")
Toxic's been around for, like, centuries
It's like I'm out this muhfucka for a lil' bit, while you bullshittin'
It's an escape, that's how I feel about it (Hm)
Shakespeare used it, that's a Twitter word
The Taming of the Shrew, anything that doesn't apply to you, feel me?
Yeah, it's like, you feel me (Rainbows and butterflies)
I fuck around, drink, and bullshit (They gon' be like, "It was toxic")
Bustin' random chicks and pop some E and bullshit
(But if you sing that, the people want you to make some shit that's romantic, or sweet)
It's like, "Fuck it," like, it's an escape
(So if you sing some real shit, like what's toxic, what's real)
Honestly, truthfully, okay, I get that
I feel like I know I gotta wake up in the morning and go to work (I feel like there can be a-uh, maybe)
So lemme bullshit for the night (There's like a thin line)
(This right here euphoria, the thing that come with this shit) Or a release
(This, is, uh-uh, it's like reality times ten)
(Every year before like ten years)
(As far as the people that you meet)
(The places that you go)
Temporary euphoria, or a release
(So it's because of that, naturally I'm gonna approach shit)
(A little more in retrospect, and it might come out harsh)
(But I think it's just more honest)
(Let's just keep that shit honest, fuck it)
What purpose do your vices serve in your life?You might also like

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