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Brent Faiyaz - Poison

[Intro Skit]
I feel like there's no such thing as a relationship with condoms
It's a one that won't last
That's it, real shit
Gotta go rawI-I know that’s what Fay ‘bout
Real shit
You know, they says, without is better so
No pull out game
Pull out game weak
No condom
It's embarrasing
That's what they say
That's what the- That's what they say
And girls hate condoms too, everybody hate condoms
Yeah condoms are just terrible dog
Except for the people who got burned beforeNiggas need- niggas need to live like the 70's and shit
I mean shit, if we talking and you doing that thing bro, after two three times bro, that shit like
Two or three?
This nigga said the first time
For real?
What just happened, did you do it?
I said no
I wa- I was scared
It's funny how certain bitches you'll hit raw and then the other ones you just like
Yo it's just the vibe dog
Yeah you gotta feel the vibe
It's the vibe bro, some- some they try to push up on you and like woa-woah what are you doing
It's scary as sh- I gotta be the one that’s pressuring you to fuck raw
If you ask me then I'll get a little bit turned off by it
Ah that's true
I'll start thinking who the fuck she gon' ask
Word, that's true
I won't be thinking so...

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