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Boundaries - It Begins To Speak

Eyes open to reveal dying yellow fields and the air tastes like steel
Woken by the racket of hammers and chains
I don't know if it's been years
I don't know if it's been days
Time has lost this place

A realm without reflection, I've forgotten my own face
Just then, the ground begins to shake

Rods rise from the Earth and they push through my skin
Here I am held, here it can begin
I'm not allowed to bleed, I'm not allowed to blink
Every nerve in me is screaming too loud for mе to think
It walks in tandem with terror
Each step makеs the floor sink
Our eyes meet and it begins to speak

"Welcome to the place where no thing gleams
Where Hell flows like water and demons sing
The corner of the world where life retreats
The resting place of the sacred and the weak
Now you're out of his reach
This is where your brightness is buried"

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