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Boundaries - Burying Brightness

Life leaves only scars
It always aims for the heart
No matter how hard we try
No one avoids the lashes of life

The things that people will do to each other
The fire forgets what the forest remembers (Remembers)

Out of malice or love (Malice or love)
It makes no difference (Makes no difference)
Once they're gonе
It's all the same
Following your brightness
Always falling short
Nightmarеs repeating in my head
Saying the things I wish I had

Again and again and again
It's too late (Too late, too late, too late)
For fantasies of starting over
We laid you down last December
I wish I could apologize
I wish I could see you one last time

I now know why
I don't know how to say goodbye

First when I was five
Then again when I was ten
Loss has a way of reminding you to not get too attached
And what's harder even still
Is swallowing the pill
That being abandoned isn't a reason
To miss your funeral

Soon we will all be unremarkable

I was too young to understand
I didn't know what addiction meant
I didn't know you were reaching out
I didn't know that you needed help
You might also likeOur lives will melt away like skin to snow
If the time that we spent was all that we had I hope you know (I hope you know)
A part of you (A part of you)
Will always live in me (Will always live in me)
I'll never forget you (I'll never forget you)
Or the brightness we buried


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