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Bon Iver - PDLIF

[Verse 1: Bon Iver]
Please don't live in fear
We can’t see from here right now
Send it off from here
And free your mind

[Chorus: Kacy Hill]
You know it never stays the same
And they will never tell you you're all to blame

[Verse 2: Bon Iver & Kacy Hill]
So you wanted it rearranged
And you wish it was only a shame
(At this stage)
(All we can say)
All there is really to say
We are at the beginning again
But oh
How things can change
So don't you, so don’t you, don't you
So don't you run away!
Think we on the wrong track somehow
While I'm not going to tell you that everyone's safe
I will say
There will be a better day
There will be a better day (There will be a better day)
There will be a better day

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