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Bon Iver - Lump Sum

Sold my cold knot, a heavy stone
Sold my red horse for a venture home
To vanish on the bow
Settling slow

Fit it all, fit it in the doldrums
Or so the story goes
Color the era
Film it as historical, ah

My mile could not pump the plumb
In my arbor 'till my ardor trumped
Every inner inertia
Lump sum

All at once rushing from the sump-pump
Or so the story goes
Balance we won't know
We will see when it gets warm, ah

"Lump Sum" is the second track by Bon Iver on the band’s debut album "For Emma, Forever Ago". The track opens up with an airy atmosphere before an acoustic guitar comes in and establishes a more definitive rhythm, though some background voices help to maintain the airy atmosphere. The lead vocal line comes in and a very melodic atmosphere becomes apparent as it does with many songs by Bon Iver.

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