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Blu - my world is...

[Verse 1: Blu]
Yeah, you know my name rings a bell
Or should I say rocks 'em. I'm shell toe rockin
Females I don't got 'em but get em with no problem
And I don't pack stadiums yet, I still rock em
And they still spell my name fucked up on their flyers
It's B-L-U, and if you see the E, drop 'em
It's like they dropped E from the beats E's dropping
Got your peeps eavesdropping and the world keeps watching him
(Huh c ya'll)
I see 'em checking out the scenery, they seem to be jocking him
Chicks scream his name out from the bleachers like they proud of him (Blue)
A product of a God-fearing pastor who was quick to whip my ass but his whoppings wasn't hot enough
So I flow conscious but still rep the Koochie Monstas
And still crush the competition no kid is hotter than (Blu)
Your momma's kitchen, beg your pardon darling listen
I'm a nigga on a mission and these bitches ain't stopping him

Blu (Stop jocking him)
Blu, My world is Blu

[Verse 2: Blu]
So you can ride if you want nigga
I skipped class in school a few times but I ain't dumb nigga
Pitched grass too a few times but I don't pump nigga
Never was the fastest in class but if you put me on the track
I was guaranteed to run niggas
Like back when I was a young spitter
Bitches used to ask me kick a flow to em
Next thing you know I'm stroking em
But I was into older ones kind of like my teachers
On the first day of school I would say it's nice to meet ya I'm...

The opening track to this classic album. Samples Joni Mitchell’s “Blue” and The Dells' “I Can Sing A Rainbow / Love Is Blue”.

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