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Blu - Dancing In the Rain

[Verse 1]
Look, it's six o'clock, I'm hoppin' outta the bed
Rain fallin', callin' X, but my phone line's dead
I guess my bills ain't paid, no ride to work for the day
Second option, hop the bus, but there's a traffic delay
My boss trippin', ‘cause I'm runnin' late and ain't no excuse
When I'm about to be 22 without a whip I could swoop
Feel like I'm finna shoot my own dome with chrome to escape
Zonin' out ‘cause working-working out ain't worth what I make
My lady callin' buggin', always fussin'
Just because we ain't ballin'
But it's hard because her cousin's fuckin' rich
‘Cause her husband's hustlin'
And I ain't fuckin' touchin' nothin' but a mic
Five o'clock and off the work, ready to go home and write
But I ain't got a buck to catch the bus, chillin' at the stop
Rain fallin' hard as ever and it's soakin' my socks
Fuck it! Kicked my kicks off and took off my jacket
Rolled my jeans up, beat up, and my headphones blastin'
Blazed some weed up and started laughin'
While I'm splashin' in puddles
Like, "Mothafuck a struggle! We dancing in the rain."

Don't nobody wanna dance slow in the rain
Just move your ass, just move your ass
Don't nobody wanna liberate the weight of the pain
Just move your ass, just move your ass

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