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Blood for Blood - City Boy

I got a story, a story to tell.
About a long road
Back from a sory of hell
I been flying almost every night.
I been ready to burn
And I been living to die.
So take a look, take a look in my eyes:
Cause I got no remorse for all the hate
That burns inside.
Take a look at my suicide.
Self destruction
I know the streets can be so cold
I know these streets
Can make you feel so cold.
I've got this gun to my head all alone.
Another bottle of pills almoste gone;
My cigarette burns
Right trough my soul.
I'm almoste home.
And I'"ve seen:
Broken hearts and broken dreams
Like broken bodies.
Under the pale street lights tonight.
I've seen the hate and yeah;
I've heard the lies.
So I turned my back
And now I'm on the outside
I know the streets can be so cold
I'm almoste home.
Self destruction.
I'm on my way home.

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