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Blackbear - i miss the old u

[Verse 1]
I miss the old you
The one that held me down and kinda told the truth
At Warwick every Wednesday
Can't control you
Partyin' with rappers
Actin' hoeish too
You got yourself a singer, ah

When it was on, we was on fire
Even let you and your girls go whip the Ghost 'round town
Draped you head to toe in GucciGhost, wow
And I never got a single fuckin' thank you from you
Or, "I love you daddy"
You ungrateful bitch
The more the baddie, more the bratty
Man, I take you out for dinners
Take you shopping for them clothes
Before I got so distant
And you got so fucking cold

I miss the old you
I miss the old you
I used to hold you
I used to hold you
And that ain't cost nothing, baby
Real love don't cost a motherfuckin' penny
I miss the old me
I miss the way I used to be
I miss the old me
And now these drugs controllin' me
It's all your fault, baby
Still reaching for that Henny

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