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Black Milk - Grey For Summer

Shake 'em off, shake 'em off
Play a cause, take a loss
This a product of those Detroit summers
Rain clouds in the sky, several in the [?]
Shake 'em off, shake 'em off
Make a win, take a loss
This is a product of that smoke till it's ashes
Stole liquor, pour it in a cup that's plastic

[Verse 1:]
Pass that, take a drag
Homies takin' sips outta brown paper bag
Summer time fire hydrant on blast
100 degrees in the shade, make 'em go crazy
Pull out the thing, go blast
Homies on the front lawn standing on the grass
Tell lies 'bout chicks they never had
Laughs, 4th of July like [?]
[?] don't pay her no mind like laughs
Won't end? Put a 10's on it
My little dawg got some ends on 'em
Now he wanna buy the cudi with that rims on 'em

[Verse 2:]
War stories, tellin' old jokes
Uncle Sam's son, this is for the grown folks
Tell ya mom, get the grill time to start a flame
Cigarettes, red cups in the card game
Deal a hand, hearing Al Green playing in the background
Afterwards, hit the mall
Girls walkin' 'round short-shorts with they legs out
Tryna spot one, nails done with they head down
Backdrop, take a photo
In the mall, spending money on the newest logo
That's when the homie stood out the store though
Tryna sell parties for the low-low, the low though


[Verse 3:]
Now the sun goes down, what it be like?
Outside of your block, no street lights
No life on the moon and the stars though
Hit me latter, do the same thing tomorrow

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