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Bishop Nehru - MellowWithMe

I been out my mind, feeling feeble
Why am I the guy seen as evil?
Time is flying by like an eagle
I'm tryna survive and be peaceful

[Verse 1]
It seems problems are always approaching
Been living pessimistic and it's gotten me frozen
The slow-motion life that I've been provoking
Is not for the coaching
Just coasting and I know this
But I'm thinking it's bogus
Probably cause it's I see me speeding in a green lotus
And then I wake from the dream, sleeping on the sofa
I been queasy on this life coastal
But I feel I should approach with hoes before I throw up
Cause I ain't going to these parties, they fucking suck
At every one someone's trying to get me drunk
Yo, bruh, you sure you don't wanna try a cup
Honestly, I need Marleys to puff
And a pear-shaped queen with an ass I could cup
Cause the chick that I went on Sway to discuss
Told me she sees me as friends and that ain't much

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