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Birdman & Lil' Wayne - About All That (Feat. Fat Joe)

[Verse 1: Lil Wayne]
Young desperado, straight out the grotto
I'm so bad, my shadow chooses not to follow
Little nigga, but see me as a fuckin' rhino
Lil Weezy hit this bitch like Rocky Marciano
It's a drought ain't it? How the fuck would I know?
Nigga, I've been getting my share in like Sonny Bono
I ran the streets... check my bio
I started high with two O's just like Ohio
I'm fuckin' nuts; cashews
But I'm so DC like fat shoes
I skate away, like "Later dudes"
Never get caught, baby, I'm mashed potato smooth
And just when it stopped, I made it move
Respect me nigga I'm a dog; no Asian food
I wet up the party, so have a bathin' suit
And daisy dukes you bitch ass nigga

[Hook: Lil Wayne]
Keep talking that shit that you talking
And we gone have to get into some gangsta shit
My nigga... keep talking that shit that you talking
And we gone have to get into some gangsta shit
My nigga... Cause you ain't really even 'bout all that
You ain't really even 'bout all that
And don't you forget.. I know ya, you ain't 'bout all that
You ain't never been about all that... fall back
[Verse 2: Fat Joe]
Niggas must want Joey to lean on 'em
Flash the binky, splash his dreams on 'em
Let 'em sleep on it, it's nothing to Crack
Lay the murder game down back to hustlin' packs
Yeah Weezy homie's got your back, whether raps or macks
Either way they both spit like BRRRRAT!
Nigga... them muhfuckas is broke like them levees
And we done sold so much dope ain't shit you tell me
Nigga... how you want it huh coke or dog food?
My shit'll have you running naked like in Old School
And yeah we 'bout it 'bout it, and you ain't ridin' on me
Unless ya got a whole fuckin' suicidal army
And I'm a rider homie, and you can find it on me
That 40 cal'll get your shirt picture ironed on it
This shit is funny to me
All these niggas wanting war but they runnin' from me... Crack!

[Hook - Lil Wayne]

[Verse 3: Birdman]
I had 'em as lil' niggas, raised 'em 'round real niggas
Poppin' bottles fuckin' with them bitches nigga
Made money to the ceiling, me and my young nigga chilling
I'm in the streets, hustling, getting money nigga
Changed all my new shoes nigga, got some new tools
Nigga got some more jewels, we was getting money
And ain't nothing ever changed, still doing the thang
Still getting money, still spending change
We hustling from Sunday to Sunday
And we grinding everyday like the money ain't coming
Nigga... yeah we riding woodgrains and minks
Got the dope in the Hummer cold case for that thing
I hate the law for what they done did they broke in niggas cribs
Wish I woulda caught 'em Idda split they fuckin' wig
3rd Ward let me claim my fame
I put it down, Uptown, I'mma do my thang believe that
[Hook: Lil Wayne]

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