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Billy Woods - Heavy Water

[Verse 1: Breeze Brewin]
Time to be bold, screamin' in a demon creole
Knowin' that the native is the way to see our people
As if through a peephole at the evils they try to keep close
Shit is hard but regardless, the Gods is given cheat codes
Nod to cheatin' on some peoples
That's the fuck the fame with a lust for shame
Now adjust the game, divulge
Nick of time, kick a rhyme, tell 'em we know
Yelling, "Why y'all tryna trick the hood, whip em good, Devo"
[Verse 2: billy woods]
Multi-verse Benzino
Rode back on a black pegasus
Medusa's head in a sack
Senegalese twists snakin' out the bag
I come bearing gifts, rat, fleas, cave bats, black exorcist
Clarence 13X had the white girls sick
Shimmy down the steps with a wink
Yakubian experiments, gain of function in the kitchen sink
The stage plot was a hundred and eight mics and two centrifuges
A HEPA filter glove box, brand new offline computers

[Verse 3: El-P]
Simulation rebooters
New version, I'm gunnin' for light, the void's useless
It's all a stab in the back, et tu Brute-ers
Brutalists blue boys movin', they shootin'
Nothin' new, Google "Chrome" if confusin'
Welcome home to the truth, big crime proof
It's a ruse, you a feeder without use, throw the deuce
Come and hang with the gang, all time slang
Want a clue, say indelible the crew
Fuck are you?

[Verse 4: Breeze Brewin]
My fight different, tight twisted
Begat a nemesis and flight griffon
Might flip and peggin' a pegasus
I'm a fiend, addiction is diction
Regular reckless, Halloween type of victim
That's stickin' eggs in your crevices
Gun him good, till understood, that's some gotcha
Quit scrubbin' y'all ass after runnin' the bath with Baphomet
Badness, y'all comin' with plots, settin' up savage shit
I'm Brad Pitt, what's in the box
Givin' em graf, legit
You might also like[Verse 5: El-P]
You lunch in a box
Maybe don't talk, run, hoof it
I'll make it all stop, eminence front, talk butchers
Good in a crunch, you know this bunch walk crooked
Raised in the waves of a collapsing star cooking
Dead or be quick, I'm on the last clip sweatin'
Front to the flames, back to the black pit, weapon
Steadily aimed, couldn't be tamed, too reckless
You entertain, we bring the game, true bedlam

[Verse 6: billy woods]
Toxic Avenger out here gaslightin'
Cadavers shudder with lightnin'
Villagers apathetic so crowd sounds is piped in
The film black and white, who better to play the niggas than white men
Mexican meth in the old west
The play within the play was G. Dep as Macbeth
Ashanti gold on Queen Elizabeth neck
Scarification across both breasts

woods joins forces with El-P and Breeze Brewin of Juggaknots, a veteran of another sadly perished independent rap institute in Fondle ‘Em, on “Heavy Water.” On this crossover episode, the trio share the mic like it’s a game of pass the parcel: El-P expresses confusion at Google Chrome, and woods calls himself the “multiverse Benzino,” a hilarious reference to one of rap’s most unpalatable villains of the 2000s. - Pitchfork

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