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Billie Eilish - no time to die

[Verse 1]
I should have known
I'd leave alone
Just goes to show
That the blood you bleed is just the blood you owe
We were a pair
But I saw you there
Too much to bear
You were my life, but life is far away from fair
Was I stupid to love you?
Was I reckless to help?
Was it obvious to everybody else?

That I'd fallen for a lie
You were never on my side
Fool me once, fool me twice
Are you death or paradise?
Now you'll never see me cry
There's just no time to die

[Verse 2]
I let it burn
You're no longer my concern, mmm
Faces from my past return
Another lesson yet to learn

“No Time to Die” serves as the theme song to the 25th James Bond film of the same name. The song was announced on January 14, 2020. The song follows in the fabled series of theme songs seen in the film franchise, featuring the likes of mega-hits such as “Skyfall” by British singer Adele, “Live and Let Die” by The Beatles artist Paul McCartney, and “Goldfinger” by Shirley Bassey. It also follows a similar pattern as the other theme songs. Billie teased the song further on February 12, 2020, revealing that the track would be released the next day, February 13, 2020, prior to the film’s release as a promotional single.

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