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Big Punisher - Super Lyrical (feat. Black Thought of The Roots)

[Verse 1: Big Pun]
Ayo, my murderous rap verbal attack is actual fact
Tactical tracks match perfectly with graphical stats
Half of you lack the magical dap of tragical rap
That tackles your back and shackles and laughs at you
That's a mathematical madness I'm on
The savage, the strong
The marriage and bond of havoc and song
This massacre's on, as if Picasso laced you
There's lots of hateful skeletons locked
In the closet of my castle of Grayskull
I'm possum at grade school
That's why I have to debate you
My raps are like Cable, slashing your facial
That's how a master degrades you, I'm battling Jesus
If he passes through my label I'm snatching his halo
God, I'll trade you, if you send my father back as an angel
Language is fatal and it's hypnotizing
I'm only emphasizing
I'm still all about business and enterprising
I'm super lyrical, with brain-booster chemicals
That's used up tentacles inside of my mental projectable

Lyrically, I'm supposed to represent
Niggas'll tell you that I'm nice with the blah, blah, blah
Lyrically, I'm-I'm supposed to represent

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