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Between You And Me - Dakota

[Verse 1]
I saw your boyfriend yesterday
He looked at me with the same face
Feels like I’m seventeen again
I guess not much has even changed
Since we were back in high school, talking every day
Does he still tell you I’ll be sorry
If I ever even look your way?

Hey, Dakota, you can piss right off!
You’ll keep your hands to yourself and
Remove my name from your mouth
Hey, Dakota, why are you so scared?
Because we both know that you hate me so
Why don’t you tell someone who cares?

[Verse 2]
How do you stand back and take it?
The cheating, lies, and the abuse
Like a punching bag, you won't fight back
(Tell me, what’s your best excuse?)
"Wipe those tears away", so many times I told her
But I’m here to hold your hand
While you’re crying on my shoulder
I’ve lost all faith in this because he’s never changing
I tried to tell you girl, but you never listened

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