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Bent Life - Cheat Death

I've been stabbing at the dark
Praying for some kind of ending
Bruised and beaten, hardened breathing
I've been fighting a war that I can't win
A room full of no one
Myself against myself

And I never meant to drag you down
Because if you wanna know the truth...
It's that I'd break this fucking world in two
If that's what I had to do
I need your hand to pull me back from that dead-end sting of doubt;
Like I'm pissing on a burning building
Like I'm burning just to burn out

Now I'm braking harder
Those spinning feelings are slowing so I can't lose grip
The sheer fact of living's like I'm cheating death
And I've been trying, but understanding mercy while I'm hanging from a rope has me feeling like humanity is one sick joke
And I can't stop laughing

I've been dying to live, playing absolutes in a time where faith's misused
Burdened by my own morality, you know I love to lose
Abandon old traditions
Break the unwillingness to change
There are no second chances, the clock ticks until it breaks
I'm giving everything I have to give
Fighting a war I can't win

Cheat Death

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