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Benjamin Francis Leftwich - Shine

[Verse 1]
I could live in a different place
With a different house and a different name
I could sing you your favorite song
Yeah, you'd sing along, you'd sing along
I could wrap you in your favorite clothes
And kiss your face just so you know
That I'm the one who has got your back
Now turn around and don't be sad

I hope you find the love that's true
So the morning light can shine on you
I hope you find what you're looking for
So your heart is warm forever more

[Verse 2]
I could fly you away with me
To the furthest place you'll ever be
We could smoke 'til the sun goes down
And without a sound, without a sound
We'd fall asleep by the big blue sea
With open eyes so we could see
The way it shines for you and I
You know it'll shine until we fly

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