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Being As An Ocean - Dear G d

[Verse 1: Joel Quartuccio]
As I pen these things, it might literally be all I have: ink on paper
Does any of this matter?
Then I'm reminded of what I've seen
The places I love and the people I've been
Only love could have brought me to this place
Holding in me a joyful heart, while spit covers my face
I've come to forgive those, who've wronged me
Knowing that they've helped make me, into
Exactly who You intended me to be

I'm trying my best, to be a better man
Despite all my fears, I really am
I'm trying my best, I'm trying my best
To be a better man
Despite all my fears, I really am

[Verse 2]
I write these things to remind myself
That amidst this darkness
There still remains light, hope, and a perfect plan
For the first time in my life I am, writing for the sake of writing
Living for the sake of living
Loving for the sake of loving
And I'll live
So you can call this sort of life, a hopeless endeavour
That this tiny vessel could ever endure such violent weather
Call it pointless, I'll continue to carry out Grace nonetheless
I will scream it 'til my face is blue
There is a point to all of this, and it's always been You

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