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Bedouine - All My Trials

[Verse 1]
Had a little book, was given to me
And every page spells liberty
All my trials, Lord
Soon be over

[Verse 2]
There is a tree in paradise
And the pilgrims call it the tree of life
All my trials, Lord
Soon be over
[Verse 3]
But it's too late, my friend
Too late
But never mind
All my trials, Lord
Soon be over

[Verse 4]
If living were a thing that money could buy
Well, the rich would live and the poor would die
All my trials, Lord
Soon be over
All my trials, Lord
Soon be overYou might also like

"All My Trials" is a folk song popular during the social protest movements of the late 1950s and 1960s. The origins of the song are unclear, with alternative titles including "Bahamian Lullaby" and "All My Sorrows". The first commercial recording was released (as "Bahamian Lullaby") on Bob Gibson's 1956 debut album "Offbeat Folksongs".

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