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Bas - Purge

[Intro: Sam Evans]
Caught up with the audience
Caught up with the audience
'Cause you're out of view
Boom, like a tidal wave
I'm trying, but I cannot save you

[Verse 1: Bas]
I can't
City to city, a young legend fulfillin' my dreams shattering ceilings
It got me feeling myself
Look how I'm fittin' the belt, they never give me a chance
I never give 'em a breath, keep a foot on they neck
I go deep to the depths, submerged in it
I'm getting the urge, nigga
I'm killin' these niggas off, call me the purge
I just been peelin' the feelings off
Layers of inner thoughts, you're playin' 'em in your car
But really you're in my head like yarmulke synagogues
Bassy been a problem, they probably never could solve
Like me at the bottom, they probably got better odds
Than knockin' the rings off of Saturn
Find it hard to settle, I want it all forever
The speech, it don't get me bothered and the streets, you ain't get involved in
Y'all sweet like some kindergarteners
I got heat and I'm feeling heartless, heartless
I been makin' all these songs just for you to hear
Get these niggas outta here like the Uber here
'Bout to switch another gig, kill another year
Gang, Dreamville run the game and we come for e'rything, man
If we ask, they abide, pain from the sacrifice
Had to leave my other half on the side
I just laugh when my stock on the rise
Stack all this cash, couldn't've overdraft if I tried

Bas is describing how recently he’s rising to the top as a rapper and he’s killing off any competition coming his way. He also discusses on how he removes himself from the life of someone who he loved to better himself. Even they he may love her he will he at his best without her in his life. He talks about how he’s bettered himself and how the outcome of that has been.

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