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Bas - Night Job

[Intro: Jeremih]
I won't let it out until you let me know if you love it
Ayy, baby, I'ma take it low

[Verse 1: Bas]
I'm on my night job
My niggas riding, my city understand us
See a hundred bandits, each put a hundred bands up
They can't call us bandits no more
Same hood, same corner store
But them same old hoes ain't wearing panties no more
I'm on my night job
Slim waist with them fat thighs
Never been baptized
But she soak me all in her holy water
I'm one of five, she the only daughter
She ain't used to sharing
I ain't used to caring
Let's play truth or dare
'Cause lately my lifestyle's like dynamite
I'ma go lights out, Black Dynamite
Smoke one, that I might
I'm on my night job
Always knew how to play these cards of mine
Fuck rap, we seen harder times
Jump back like Vinny Carter prime
I'm on my—

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