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Bas - Clouds Never Get Old

Said I'm calling all my niggas with me riding
Dressing room like we keep bitches on the rider
Bus full of white girls singing Akinyele
Momma I think I just met me a Madonna (oh na, na)
Everything glowing ain't a diamond
I know everything glowing ain't a diamond
Girl you shining

But I ain't felt love in a long time, and I told you that when we woke up
I guess that might have been the wrong time
My best pick up line is young nigga with money, I ain't playing
My best pick up line is young nigga with money

[Verse 1]
Killing these niggas, I got a feeling these niggas is out to get me but trust me I got 'em
Straight out the borough my city love me we thorough
My nigga you don't want none of them problems
She acting crazy she calling me baby I just be feeding them bitches the bottles
She live in way up in Harlem but she come to me when I call her
And she all about her fashion she be working for Vogue
Me I'm all about my stacking I be working the road

But them clouds never get old
Them clouds never get old

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