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Bas - Boca Raton (with A$AP Ferg)

[Chorus: Bas]
I'm out in Boca Raton
I'm sippin' Roca Patron
I got this chick on the phone
Talkin' 'bout life and how I just ain't right for her—I been inclined to agree
'Cause all I been doin' is me, now
I can't be your one, baby girl—nah
But I play the two or the three, now

[Verse 1: Bas]
Give her the dick and I'm gone
I'm like a tickin' time bomb
I'm on the road, grind time for the dough, it's my time
She cheer me on—pom-poms
She good for the soul, she good for the mind
She help me get found—TomTom
She help me eat clean—balsamic
She might end up meetin' my mama
Let's take it back like western time zones
Used to call you up to share my milestones
Now you hear my voice and sound annoyed
Might as well be talkin' to the dial tone
I been living dreams it ain't what it seems
Splittin' at the seam when it—
Splittin' at the seam when it come to you

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