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Bane - Wrong Planet

So a wandering ronin I became
With a dripping blade and honor over everything

Uncomfortable in my own skin
Bound to sleepless nights and endless roads
Demon's in my very head
If you look, you can see me
Grasping for a world that makes some sense
Where through the dark there waits the light

Betrayal, more than a dirty word for me
Everywhere I see
Trust, became a diamond to me
Forever out of reach

In came the sounds that would see me through
Clenched fists, stage-dives
Salvation found in gate-fold sleeves
At last a place where I could breathe
And being no good with change I threw away the key
You'll have to drag me out of here

I failed to protect my only brother
When he needed me the most
So I've tried to stand by those who I could
And we were screaming all as one

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