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[Intro: Merlyn Wood]
Jabari, me paddy

[Verse 1: Dom McLennon]
Everybody  ask me how I deal with my depression
Man  look, man, I don't got the answer to your question
If I did, you would probably never hear from me again
That's a promise, not a threat and it ain't no half-steppin' (Hey)
Can't  let it compromise the pace I'm settin' (Hey)
Grandma  told me don't forget to count my blessings (Woo)
Breakin' up botanicals to ease my stressin'
Was  the one that you needed but you weren't expectin'
Game need refreshin' (Hey), what you been suggestin'? (Hey)
Wrote a new constitution, we don't need amendin' (Hey)
I go Johnnie Cochran when I'm raisin' my defenses (Yeah)
Man,  I feel like Michael Keaton when a nigga start ascendin' (Hey)
Never second-guessin' (Hey), had to do a lot of restin' (Hey)
Like I played for Popovich, tryna fine our new direction (Woo)
Listen, I ain't for the shelvin', what you niggas tellin'?
My team been rebellin' from wherever you were headin', goddam

[Verse 2: Matt Champion]
Man, this shit bump like a belly when it's pregnant (Mhm)
Bonafide big brr lookin' like a Yeti (Mhm)
Swift feet cheetah, that's a real big kitty
Who made y'all judges? That's a real ass feeling
I don't like the sly ones, forget 'em and I dead 'em (Yeah)
Always off the shit like a constipated reverend (Alright)
Y'all don't like to shit talk, dumb pun, all fun
But I make your bitch crack a giggle with the next one (Oh)
Goofy ass boy, look like Elmer Fudd's cousin (Sheesh)
Heavy-ass feet, bet Pluto heard you comin' (Shit)
Actin' like Regina, you a lil' bit dramatic (George)
I been in the cockpit, I been in the cabin (Right)
Take the ego out, just revolve around the planet (Right)
Damn, I'm like Kirby, man, I don't take damage
Oh, so hot, so, sst, get branded
I'm just havin' fun, cops hit me, goddamn it

“BOY BYE” is the third single off of BROCKHAMPTON’s fifth studio album, GINGER, which has been released along with an accompanying music video on August 15th, 2019. The track features vocal contributions from every vocalist of the group, as well as production from each producer, making it their only track that involves all of the group’s vocalists and producers. It covers a wide range of topics, from boastful lyrics about the group’s growing success, to introspective moments about its members' traumatic pasts and upbringings. In July 2019, the track was revealed and played for the first time live at the Bilbao BBK Live festival in Spain, which made it the first song on the album to be performed live.

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